Who we are

HelloEuropa Youth Cultural and Social Association was founded in 2009 by youth professionals who has been engaged in the integration of the non-formal education into the Hungarian education system and the development of its methods. The NGO is regulary applying for and cooperating in Youth in Action projects,  we have experiences with youth exchange programmes,  youth democracy projects, youth initiatives and with the European Voluntary Service. The HelloEuropa Association is open for every youngsters who are motivated to have an active participation in the YIA programmes or to become an active citizen. Our mission is to give support for the youngsters to work out their ideas in concrete projects and to facilitate them to be entrepreneur. We are also working on to include youngsters with fewer opportunities.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We are open to any kind of international cooperation!

Contact:  helloeuropa@helloeuropa.hu

Phone:  +36302577219  or    +36202138646